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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Moore left in the tank?

Opey Higgins
Doubleday Daily

We have witnessed history this season! Lefty Moore of the Charleston Palmettos has broken two huge records! Moore crushed Doubleday World all time career home run mark of #738 on May 26th and also surpassed the all time hits mark on June 4th! Moore has cemented his legacy in the Doubleday Hall of Fame and should be a sure fire first ballot entry when he is eligible! Congrats to Lefty Moore and the Charleston Palmettos!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Season 18 News!!

Opey Higgins
Doubleday Daily

In HBD fashion we all know what Free Agency means; this season there was a few really big names that hit the market and there was no shortage of money being thrown at them. There are four players that moved to a new destination that are worthy of talking about.

SP Felipe Roque; Roque made his big league debut in season 11 with the Philadelphia Stars and went on to play for the Stars for 7 seasons with 104 wins before the Stars let him go. Unable to re-sign him the Stars lost one of their top stars to Little Rock. Little Rock signed Roque to a 5 year 100 million dollar contract in addition to a 10 million dollar signing bonus.

3B Pedro Zuburan; Zuburan played his first 7 seasons with the Cincinnati Franchise and hit 207 Home Runs in that time frame. Now the newest member of the Chicago Whales and a huge contract to go with it. Chicago signed Zuburan to a 5 year 95 million dollar contract.

3B Quilvio Javier;  Javier a 10 season ML vet that has also played his entire career with one franchise was let go even after posting 4 All Star appearances and a NL MVP Award. Pittsburgh opted to begin a youth movement and parted ways with the talented 3B.  Huntington decided to risk it all by throwing Javier the last big contract he'll ever see; 4 year 70 million dollars with a 10 million dollar bonus. To top that off they gave him a no trade clause as well.

RF Kurt Westmoreland; Westmoreland soon to be in the top 2 or 3 career home runs was allowed to walk away from Philadelphia as well. Philly obviously didn't plan on winning this season so this was another big loss! Toronto realized that the 33 year old Slugger still had some gas in the tank and signed him to a 3 year 27.1 million dollar contract along with a 1 million dollar signing bonus.

Monday, September 10, 2012

DCS Predictions!


Seattle and it's #1 ranked pitching staff will be tested again, Kansas City just swept San Francisco and so far have lost game 1 of the DCS. Seattle looks like they are going to continue their dominance by winning this series 3-1.


Charleston on paper has one of the best rotations in the world and their offense is pretty good as well, now you compare them with a team that hit and pitched better than they did. Philly took out Montreal like they were playing a High School team and starting off by taking game 1 against Charleston. Unless B.C. Ramirez and Norm Corino can take over, it will be the end for the Palmettos.


Pittsburgh has a far more superior team than Richmond; Pittsburgh has hit and pitched significantly better and are probably going to sweep Richmond. I look for the sweep!


Iowa City is taking on a hot Omaha team! However Omaha still is at a disadvantage with Iowa City having the 2nd best pitching in the world and have some huge offensive forces. I look for Iowa City to win this thing 3-1

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Season 17 Playoff Picture and Predictions National League - Division Play-in Series

Offense: #25  Defense: #24  Pitching: #11


Offense: #12  Defense: #16  Pitching: #6

The 25th ranked  offense is facing the 6th ranked defense, This is going to be a pretty tough series to call when the power of Richmond is very obvious. Richmond has the 3rd most powerful offense in the league hitting a team total 252 home runs about 70 off what they hit in season 16 but still powerful. Boston on the other hand has Tim Miadich and Ricardo Sosa pitching very well, Miadich had a rough season but he can come out and pitch the lights out in this series. Jolbert Guillen produced offensively after a mid-season meltdown. 

Boston wins 3-1

Offense: #11  Defense: #13  Pitching: #17


Offense: #27 Defense: #23  Pitching: #4

One of the most dominant pitching teams in Omaha is also one of the worst hitting teams in the world. This appears to be another hard prediction. It's been seven seasons since Omaha even looked like a playoff team, finally they are back! Roy Latham appears to be one of the few bright spots on the offense but their pitching has  many. Veteran J.P. Sanchez produced this season as well as the bullpen led by Charley Mayberry. It is very odd to see Cincy with the 11th best offense with the weapons they have in Ward, McBride and Zubaran. Cincy has a lot of Doubleday household names on the mound with Hoss Collins, Pedro Bennett and Steve Hollandsworth. They all had respectable seasons considering their ages. If the offense produces it can be close but I think the team that is young will take this one.

Omaha wins 3-2

Season 17 Playoff Picture and Predictions American League - Division Play-in Series

Offense: #13 Defense: #19 Pitching: #18

Offense: #2 Defense: #1  Pitching: #8

This series on paper looks as if Kansas City should sweep and not even really have to try; I would like to point out what makes this series go to Game 5. San Francisco has some pretty dangerous weapons with Neifi Espinoza and Tommy Nance. Both possess the ability to challenge the pitching of Kansas City. They will both have to play well in order to give San Fran a chance in this one. Kansas City is simply on fire, they are 35-6 in their last 41 games of the season. It will be damn near impossible to stop this train, Aaron Tracy leads the Monarchs towards their 3rd Championship. San Francisco, I wish you the best of luck!

Kansas City wins 3-2

Offense: #5 Defense: #9  Pitching: #3

Offense: #1  Defense: #5 Pitching: # 15

This series is probably going to come down to Game 5 as well, Philly went 6-4 against the Shamrocks in head to head action this season. Montreal has two of the top hitters in the game with Bierne and Burrell but they face two of the better pitchers in the AL right now in Felipe Roque and Christopher Hartman. Is the offense and great defensive play of Montreal going to be enough to knock off Philly's three headed monster rotation?

Philly wins 3-2

Friday, August 24, 2012

Season 17 Update

Opey Higgins

It has been a while since we have done any major reporting on this blog. I would like to apologize first and get to business. For the remainder of the season 17 season the hot or not weekly updates will happen on Fridays. There will also be more discussions regarding upcoming team openings and potential incoming owners. I will also begin the Playoff predictions soon and do an in depth report on each match up. I would also like to say we are hiring writers that can contribute to the blog. That would help out a lot and it would give us many unique styles of writing to enjoy. I know we are not all blessed with a lot of free time but a five minute post about something you feel should be mentioned would be great. Send me a message in trade chat with your email address (preferably gmail address) and I can offer you an invite and permission to write. I appreciate those of you that have stuck with Doubleday and I promise you things will turn around.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Free Agent Season 16

Tons of names went to new homes this season, this was a pretty big FA class however most of the guys that were on FA this season happened to be over 30 years old. Here is a list of notable players to move teams.

RP Pat Dunston was signed by the Honolulu Asahis, Dunston is 37 years old and has recorded 221 saves over his career.

SP Robinson Dreifort was signed by the Boston Beaneaters, Dreifort was once a promising rookie that looked like he would be a multi-time Cy Young winner. Dreifort was a disappointment but he did a pretty good job in his career. Now at 34 years old he is trying one last time to get a championship.

LR Corey Evans was signed by the Richmond Colts, Evans has never been a super stud pitcher but he has always been reliable. Richmond has signed him to the final contract of his career.

SP Lou Hines was re-signed by the world champion Pittsburgh Crawfords, Hines is the season 12 NL Cy Young winner and at 38 years old he still plans to kick some serious ass. Hines was quoted after signing the contract to stay in Pittsburgh "We're going back, You can bet on that!" Bold words....

3B Denny Chong signed with the El Paso Diablos, Chong, a 4 time Silver Slugger makes El Paso much better. Chong signed his contract then called his bookie and told him to put money on El Paso.. How much did he bet on his new team? His whole first year salary!!

SP J.P. Sanchez signed with the Omaha Omahogs, Sanchez is the season 14 NL Cy Young and father of 2 seemed to get picked up cheap. You serious nobody wanted to spend more than 7mil per season on this guy?

RP Aaron Jackson signed with the Cincinnati Outlaw Reds, Seattle lost a good RP that could be a closer for most teams. Cincinnati's owner should be happy about this signing. Now if they can pull a championship off before the team starts wearing adult diapers.

RP Guillermo Johnson signed with the Texas Rebels, Johnson probably signed one of the richest contracts for his age but Texas can use a quality closer and he fits the bill.

RP Charlie Bergman signed with the Montreal Shamrocks, Bergman is a durable as they come and he is going to provide Montreal with that game ending ability that screwed them last season. Pairing him with Suzuki should be a dynamite combo.

SP Miguel Alou was signed by the Chicago Whales, This contract is very odd.. Alou gets 8 mil the first season then 14 mil for each of the following two seasons.. I hope Alou can hold up three more seasons ans be worth 14 mil...